• One GreenRace T-shirt (to be worn at our event).
  • HK $200 transferable code for GreenRace HK registration (excluding Ultra GreenRace).
  • Access to all sponsored food & beverages at our GreenRace Event.
  • Volunteers Post Race Appreciation Gathering at 7pm Wednesday following event (Running Events Only). Location TBA.
  • Additional shuttle transportation to GreenRace Event and/or GreenRideShare (transportation cash is not included).
  • Emailed volunteer certificate recognising your contribution to our total hours volunteered and funds raised from this event.
  • The opportunity to enjoy a happy volunteering GreenRace Day out with like-minded folks!
  • Ultra GreenRace HK & SG volunteers earn free following year entry Ultra GreenRace Hong Kong or Singapore.


  • 價值港幣200元正的爭綠奪秒現金券,可用來報名爭綠奪秒賽事或到我們的網上商店GreenShop購買產品。
  • Lucho Dillitos天然番石榴能量棒(用芭蕉葉包裹!)
  • 最新一季的Ecozine雜誌(用可持續再生纖維紙印刷!)
  • 於賽事期間穿著的100%有機純棉奪綠奪秒T恤乙件。
  • 冷壓果汁或其他在賽事中贊助飲料。
  • 交通。
  • 可享用於爭綠奪秒比賽當日提供的食物和飲品!
  • 通過電郵致送義工證書,以茲記錄你的義工時數和是此比賽籌得之款項。
  • 有機會跟志同道合的參加者度過難忘和愉快的一天!