• GreenRideShare 環保共乘

  • Minimum 5 Days Advance Notice
    Runners must sign up for this service a minimum of 5 days in advance of the event in order to be connected. Runners will not be connected if less than 5 days remaining.

    We must filter at least 3 matches in order to connect runners for this service. Entering 2 meet locations will increase your chances of a match.

    You will not be contacted if there a less than 2 runners matched to a location.

    Interested in car-pooling or taxi-pooling to this early morning event? We'll connect you with runners who have chosen the same MTR station to meet at or near. Please visit the GreenRideShare's Facebook Page for more information. 想支持環保,與其他參加者共乘汽車或的士嗎?我們會與你選擇同一個地鐵站的參加者聯繫。