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Hotel ICON is a very special hotel with an equally special purpose: Not only does it embody all the creative energy and spirit of Hong Kong, it’s a “learning environment” on which the aspirations of future hoteliers come to life as part of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and an extension of its School of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHTM).

At Hotel ICON we care about the environment, the local culture and community, so preserving it comes naturally. The hotel is committed to doing everything possible to benefit the planet and the community through sustainable operations. From paperless check-in to offering 100% electric transportation with our electric bus, Tesla limousine and the BMW i3, it’s the little things at Hotel ICON that mean a lot when taken together.

The hotel is pleased to be one of the volunteers and sponsors for TheGreenRace Ultra, and is happy to giveaway our homemade energy bar and gluten free muffin to support this zero waste event.

Runner Benefit:  1 April 2017, TheGreenRace Ultra participants may enjoy 15% off dining offer* at Hotel ICON restaurants upon presenting the hotel’s armband. Also, entitled to book your stay with us at a very special rate from 30 March – 2 April 2017, check out here. *Terms and conditions apply

Title Sponsor – Runners Fuel Provider

GreenRace #1 Choice! We love this natural, tasty alternative to modern sports nutrition packed in biodegradable leaf wrapping. Lucho Dillitos and GreenRace have been together from the very start and together, we are always thinking up new green initiatives to help support our communities.

Runner Benefit:  Free Lucho single energy cube [coupon card] in every GreenRace pack! Free shipping for all GreenRace HK Lucho orders here!


hrough a fascination for bamboo and its potential to help alleviate deforestation and poverty in rural areas, Julia Washbourne launched the brand BAMBOA in 2008. Bamboa is a brand that carries products made from locally harvested bamboo and made by local communities throughout Asia.
Bamboa has a retail boutique in the PMQ building, located in Soho on Hong Kong Island. Bamboa’s team designs and markets contemporary and attractive bamboo products ranging from tableware, lifestyle products to flooring and bamboo fabric.
Bamboa’s goal is to provide beautiful contemporary bamboo products that help rural communities, support local artisans and encourage the use of a sustainable resource.

Runner Benefits: Bamboa donates costume bamboo cutlery sets to GreenRace events for runners’ race pack and collaborates with The GreenRace to organize workshops on the positive environmental impact of bamboo and T-shirts painting for kids.


Beppu Group is a holding company that owns a variety of restaurant chains in Hong Kong. Their restaurants offer a range of cuisines from Japanese, South East Asian to Western food. Beppu Group was established in 1996 with their original restaurant, Beppuramen a ramen restaurant. As the restaurant grew with popularity, the group gradually expanded and grew in size.

Runner Benefits: Beppu Group donates delicious and nutritious food to GreenRace events for runners.

Community Partner

Crossroads Foundation is a Hong Kong based non-profit organization whose goal is ” to connect people in a broken world”.  As their name suggests: crossroads, they bring together those in need and those who can help.  CRF collect quality excess and second-hand goods from businesses and private donors, refurbishing them if necessary, and then distributing them to those in need, in Hong Kong and around the world.

Title Fitness Training Provider

d.BeFit was founded in 2012 by Katia Kucher an NASM certified personal trainer. Her philosophy and motivation behind d.BeFit is to promote healthy lifestyles.

Runner Benefit:  15% discount on training sessions and sports nutrition consultations at d.BeFIT.

Contact Katia at to set up a meeting!

Runner’s Fitness Partner

It’s not about what they do, it’s about what you do! DNAfit has been extremely supportive to GreenRace retreats and community efforts! DNA fit helps GreenRace runners unleash their natural potential! DNAFit is a simple saliva swab, taken at home (or anywhere!) and sent via the post.

Using our unique and easy to understand DNAFit reports, you’ll unlock an in-depth panel of genetic variants associated with fitness, nutrition and wellbeing to help you refine how you train, eat and live.

Runner Benefit:  10% off your next DNAfit testing for GreenRace runners. Just bring your bib or reg email along with you!

Media Partner

Ecozine’s mission is to make green mainstream! Ecozine helps keep GreenRace runners informed with the latest green products and technologies that help make HK a better place to live. #livegreen with Ecozine!

Runner Benefit:  New benefits coming soon for runners collecting racepacks!

Community Partner

Together, Foodlink & GreenRace promote zero waste in Hong Kong by promoting the reduction of food waste and also helping those in need. Since 2001, Foodlink is a registered HK based charity committed to providing nutritious and healthy meals to needy people in Hong Kong, while simultaneously reducing wastage in the food service industry.

Runner Benefit: Runners’opt out fund goes towards Foodlink that help to reduce food waste and those in need in Hong Kong.

Community Partner

Together, HelperChoice & GreenRace promote the importance to improve the living quality of domestic helpers in Hong Kong. Founded in 2012 in Hong Kong, HelperChoice was created by Laurence and Florian who had had the frustrating experience of finding a helper through traditional employment agencies when they were expecting their baby girl. HelperChoice became a success almost overnight with employers willing to choose their domestic workers themselves and domestic workers who wanted to avoid the trap of paying an agency.The services have since expanded to other countries in Asia and the Middle East. HelperChoice is a social-oriented platform connecting employers and helpers so that each one can find the perfect match.

Runner Benefits: Helperchoice provides runners with the opportunities to volunteer and be a part of a circle that helps to improve the quality of life for domestic helpers.


Humble Brush is the flagship product of The Humble Co.- a Swedish, eco-friendly oral care brand with a mission to reduce the impact on the planet of the 3.6 billion plastic toothbrushes produced each year. These toothbrushes are not recyclable, ending up in landfill or incinerators, and many find their way into our oceans and water sources. The Humble Brush consists of a stylish, fully biodegradable bamboo handle, grown on responsible, panda friendly plantations. Bamboo is the fastest growing most sustainable plant in the world and naturally antibacterial, requiring no fertilisers or pesticides.

It is also a socially responsible “Give Back” brand. The Humble Smile Foundation is funded by each purchase of one of The Humble Co.’s products and provides oral care and education to some of the most under privileged and remote communities around the world.

Good for you, good for the planet and good for others. Make the switch. Go Humble. Give Smiles!

Race Venue Partner (Hong Kong Island)

The Glasshouse Restaurant is our unique Start/Finish venue for our annual ‘dust the cobwebs off’ Braemar GreenRace! They are making that extra effort to support our #gobottleless (including carboys!) initiative for our green events and working to connect in with Life Solutions to provide the highest quality filtered water for Braemar GreenRace. From some of the best coffee at Braemar Hill to a massive outdoor patio and barbecue area, we are sure all runners will immensely enjoy this event!

Runner Benefits: Start/finish for runners at our Braemar Hill event, excellent for post-race gathering with a nice cup of coffee and some food.

RacePack Collection, Runner’s Nutrition & Hydration Partner

Gone Running supports unique GreenRace running retreats and also supplies our runners with the highest quality nutrition & endurance fuel… and does it with reusable / recyclable bins!

Runner Benefits: 10% off instore purchases with race pack collection from GONE RUNNING. An extra 5% off if you climb the stairs instead of taking the lift – saving about 100g of CO2 emissions!

Title Community & Environmental Partner

GreenRace community volunteers get dirty and sweaty while cleaning HK trails and coastlines… and feel great about it! Join the thousands of volunteers already supporting this green cause by registering a team for the HKCleanup Challenge!

Runner Benefit:  Come out and volunteer on our HK Cleanup community beach and trail cleans!

More Detail on HKCleanup Website:
Get out and Volunteers With Us!

Title Race Venue Sponsor (New Territories)

We’re very fortunate to be partnered with one of Hong Kong’s finest country clubs, Hong Lok Yuen. Our premiere event, The GreenRace Ultra will start and finish at the Club. We have the privilege of utilising their fantastic facilities and bringing to our runners something very unique & unprecedented in Hong Kong!

Runner Benefits: Start/finish for The GreenRace Ultra with showers, bar and restaurant for post-race gathering. Savings of up to 30% are available for GreenRace participants looking to become members of The Country Club at Hong Lok Yuen. Just provide you proof of registration to this GreenRace event.


The Jacques Farel hayfield collection is made with the future in mind, as it aims to be as sustainable and as natural as possible.

The man behind the collection is timepiece designer Elliot Froidevaux, born in Switzerland , who grew up in Hong Kong. His love of nature, the countryside and his passion for trail running has inspired him to design a collection that is not only beautiful but also as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible.

The leathers used are from an organic farm in Germany and the woods are original and natural, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The paper for the packaging is FSC certified and printed using soy-based inks.
In a rapidly changing and often stressful city such as Hong Kong, we wanted a watch that allows you to stop, think, relax and feel again the beauty of nature.

Runners Benefits: Runners will get the chance to win Jacques Farel Hayfield watches at various races!

Official Water Provider

Life Solutions is our official water provider. With their state-of-the-art filtration systems, they can tap into virtually any water source to provide, clean, potable water. They provide a sustainable alternative to the carboys and bottles generally seen at races!

Runner Benefit: Life Solutions provides the water at our annual Braemar Hill event for our runners.

Title Running Club Partner (Hong Kong Island)

In collaboration with LRC we’ve organised a Green Running Club! LRC is an historic landmark in Hong Kong, founded in 1883. We’re very grateful to work alongside this prestigious Club to bring to their members and guests, professional running coaching and training plans!

Runner Benefit:  Monthly sponsored gifts to LRC Run Club Members:

Mingcha Tea

MingCha work’s closely with small traditional farms in different parts of China where people are passionate about their crafts and willing to maintain the quality using traditional methods in production. We are discrimating towards the tea quality but we pay generously to the farmers where they live with dignity and pride.

Vivian Mak, our founder, goes directly to tea farms each year to source the best harvest and she speaks and shares the same passion with the farmers.

GreenRace is very appreciative of the partnership we are building with MingCha. We have the opportunity to provide a quality product to our runners that is sustainably sourced and packaged!

Runner Benefit:   Free Jasmine Green Tea pack in every 1 April 2017 GreenRace Pack!

Title Beverage Sponsor

A very special thanks to Tranquini for being so supportive of the GreenRace in HongKong. “Tranquini is more than a beverage – it’s a lifestyle proposition. Every day we are faced with countless stress-inducing challenges and we have seen an emergence of how a positive state of mind is becoming just as important as professional success or the pursuit of material wealth. Tranquini is a perfect compliment to this trend, as it provides the ability to remain focused and calm.” Ahmed Elafifi, Chief Relaxation Officer

Runner Benefit:  Free Tranquini for runners and volunteers at our sponsored GreenRace events!

Title Race Apparel Partner

Another great GreenRace partner! Tsunami is focusing on local actions in Hong Kong that make a global difference. 90% of all Tsunami fabrics are made from Eco-fit™, a fabric that contains 50% Recycled PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) that is woven into different weights of polyester.

Volunteer Benefit:  Free enviro-friendly tee for all GreenRace volunteers! Register here:

Vita Coco

Vita Coco® is a leading coconut water beverage brand, celebrated for its delicious, electrolyte-rich hydration. Informed consumers, health & wellness experts, pro-athletes and celebrities have all become loyal fans of coconut water, swearing by the Vita Coco brand for its authentic flavor and hydration and replenishment properties. Originally introduced in New York City in 2004, today Vita Coco is available in 30 countries and is one of the most popular natural beverages in the world.

Through their Give, Grow, Guide philosophy, Vita Coco is committed to raising 1 million people in coconut farming communities out of poverty. By partnering with international non-profit organizations such as Friends of Hope and Kiva, Vita Coco strives to ensure that students can achieve their full potential and entrepreneurs can create a better future for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Runners Benefits: Runners will get to enjoy Vita Coco Coconut water at our events and get a chance to win more coconut plus VIta Coco gears!