Training Sessions

  • Meet at LRC at 7am ready to run
  • Walk to Bowen Rd
  • Weekly planned workout
Date Workout
05/12 Jog to Bowen Drive > Walking Lunges forwards and backwards > Monster Walks > Heel raise holds > Dynamic balance drills > Intervals back to LRC
14/11 Warm up (Stair climbs, 3km jog) > Dynamic Stretches (lower limb and thoracic) > Single leg RDL/dynamic hops > Stepups with balance > Hill Sprints > Cool down jog back
31/10 Warm up easy jog > Dynamic Stretches (lower limb and thoracic) > Single leg RDL > Split Squat Triphasic Training > Partner Core walk holds > Hill Sprints > Jog halfway back > Proprioception > Cool down jog back
10/10 Staircase warm up at LRC > 2K Warmup jog > Dynamic Strengthening 3D motions > Interval sprints 2 minute sprints > Cool down jog back
03/10 Warm up easy jog > Dynamic Stretches (lower limb and thoracic) > Single leg RDL > Split Squat Triphasic Training > Partner Bear Crawls > Push ups > Hill Sprints > Proprioception > Cool down jog back
26/09 Warm up easy jog > Dynamic Stretches (lower limb and thoracic) > Single leg RDL > Split Squat Triphasic Training > Partner Planks > Push up position with thoracic twist > Hill Sprints > Proprioception > Cool down jog back
19/09 2km easy jog > Dynamic stretches > Jog to Wan Chai Gap >Technical downhill jog > Walk/Fast-paced walk/Jog intervals > Jog back
12/09 3km easy jog > Dynamic stretches > Gluteals/Quadriceps > Lunge into single leg knee drive > Single leg RDL > Partner bear crawls > Push up position with thoracic twist > Hill sprints > Single leg hops with 90 degree turns > 2km easy return
05/09 3km easy run > Dynamic stretches / muscle activations > Triphasic/plyo strength circuit > Hill sprints – reps depending on fatigue levels > Paired balance / Proprioception drills post-fatigue > 2km easy return
29/08 2km easy run > Dynamic stretches > 10 x 100m sprints (30s rest) > 5 x 200m (1 min rest) > 2km easy return

Additional Services

Running (GAIT) Analysis
Running form is critical to being a successful runner and remaining uninjured. Fixing your gait can lead to quick gains. We’ll film you running, analyse your form and provide you with a full report of where improvements are needed and how to go about achieving them (whether it’s stretching more or doing strength work). HK $1,600 per analysis. Contact us here.

Personal Coaching
Personal coaching is the best way to achieve your goals with maximum specificity. One-on-one training is tailored precisely to your running ambitions.

  • Direct contact via email / WhatsApp with 4-hour response time
  • Free online tailored training plan (one per session)
  • Flexible session times. HK $800 per hour
  • Contact Vlad Ixel here.

GreenRace Trainers


Etienne Rodriguez was previously an economist in Australia, Etienne made the decision to pursue a career in constructing running events, something, as an outdoor enthusiast, he is truly passionate about. Etienne now has extensive experience in coaching and race development throughout Asia. As an avid runner himself, Etienne has won numerous international events, including: The North Face 50 in Singapore in 2013 and successfully defended his title in 2014. He won the Stampede 50 trail race in New Zealand in 2014, TMBT 50 in Malaysia and Zermatt in Switzerland (2016). Most recently (2017), Etienne won Hong Kong’s China Coast Marathon.


Vlad Ixel is a professional coach and runner sponsored by the North Face. Vlad is widely regarded as the best ultra-runner in Hong Kong, with continued wins both locally and abroad. Vlad brings to coaching a huge depth of knowledge and practical experience. SCMP Victorious at MSIG Sai Kung article here.


Martin Cai has been running competitively for more than 30 years and as a founding partner of GreenRace, he’s worked to share is passion for running with the HK trail running community. Martin works with Vlad and Eti to support beginner and intermediate runners in achieving their road and trail running aspirations. Let’s get this ‘Done & Dusted’ together!

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HK$800 monthly fee
*Monthly charges subject to public holidays and length of month (i.e. 3 or 5 sessions). Monthly charge is pro rata ($200 per session).

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Non-Member Registration

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