Community Projects & Green Projects

GreenRace HelpUsHelpHK fundraising is always searching for innovative ways to raise funds for green, community and humanitarian causes. Our focus for 2018 is student ‘green projects’ where we are looking to raise funds for students developing ways to help Hong Kong stay Green.

Our HelpHK Plan

  • By allowing runners to opt out of racepack items at our GreenRace Events, this allows us to:
  • Better ensure more runners gets what they are looking for in a racepack.
  • Divert the costs of producing unwanted racepack items to HelpHK Community Projects.
  • Reduce the amount of racepack items and awards produced, transported to/from our events thereby reducing our carbon footprint.
  • Provide event capacity to collect unwanted racepack items from other events and get them to communities grateful to utilise these items.
  • Help progress Zero Waste events and Reduce Reuse Recycle programs we and our GreenRace runners are contributing to at each event.
  • Runners not only opt out of unwanted or needed racepack items, they also help disadvantaged children by donating to our clothes/shoes collections on race day.

HelpHK Projects

The following GreenRace projects are in the works with HelpUsHelp Hong Kong:

Help fund a HK Student GreenCommunity project that helps make Hong Kong an even greener place to live. We are now accepting student applications, please contact us.

Adopt an eroded / damaged section of HK Country Park Trail and support in the restoration (in support of Concern Group for Concretisation of Hong Kong Natural Trails).

Help fund the shipment of a Crossroads Foundation classroom in a container box being sent to a disadvantaged part of the world.

HelpHK Fundraising

Our goal is to ensure the maximum of funds we raise and hours we volunteer reach our designated community cause. We have carefully chose our community and fundraising partners based on agreement of our board and input from our GreenRace participants via post event surveys.

We work closely with HKCleanup to help raise awareness of enormous waste issues facing Hong Kong every day. Our financial contribution helps educate a greener thinking towards sustainable living in Hong Kong. We are working with with HKCleanup help ensure our country park trails and coastlines are better maintained for future generations. For more details on the excellent work being done at HKCleanup visit

Get on our Green Causes Charity list here!

Event Total Contributions*
2016 Braemar HK$ 4,297
2016 Pottinger HK$ 4,405
2016 Plover HK$ 5,422
2017 Braemar HK$ 6,868
2017 Ultra HK$ 12,917*
2017 Pottinger HK$ 8,700
2017 Immortals HK$ 9,801*
2017 Tigershead HK$ 4,665*

*Includes GreenRace Registration Opt Out Funds and GreenRace Crown top finishers who contributed a portion of their winnings to HelpHK. 

Total GreenRace Contributions:  HK$ 120,044

 Opt Outs Ultra 2017 Pottinger 2017 Immortals 2017 Tigershead 2017
Medals/Awards 153 194  109
Racebelt 154  90
Speedcup 178 161
T-Shirt  162
Total HK$4,965 HK$8,700 HK$7,850 HK$3,885
Opt Out Details & Fund Allocations (as voted by GreenRace participants)

Year: 2017
Event: Ultra GreenRace
Amount raised: HK$ 12,917
List Top 3 Charities* (voted by runners)
1st choice: HK Concretisation HK$ 5,705*
2nd choice: Student Green Projects HK$1,803
3rd choice: HK Cleanup HK$5,409 (incl revenue share)
Donation Issue Date: 23 MAY 2017

*We wish to thank Stone Tsang (HK Concretisation)  for contributing 100% of winning GreenRace Crown winnings to HelpHK.

Year: 2017
Event: Tigershead GreenRace
Amount raised: HK$ 4,665*
List Top 3 Charities* (voted by runners):
1st choice: HK Cleanup HK$ 1,295
2nd choice: Crossroads Foundation HK$ 1,295
3rd choice: World Wildlife Fund HK$ 1,295
Donation Issue Date: 11 DEC 2017

*We wish to thank Katia Kucher from D.Befit and Vlad Ixel from The North Face for each contributing US$ 50 of their GreenRace Crown winnings to HelpHK.

Year: 2017
Event: Pottinger GreenRace
Amount raised: HK$ 8,700
List Top 3 Charities* (voted by runners):
1st choice: Student Green Projects HK$ 2,900
2nd choice:HK Concretisation HK$ 2,900
3rd choice: HK Cleanup HK$ 2,900
Donation Issue Date: 05 JUN 2017

Year: 2017
Event: Immortals GreenRace
Amount raised: HK$ 9,801
List Top 3 Charities* (voted by runners):
1st choice: HK Concretisation HK$ 3,267
2nd choice: Food Angel HK$3,267
3rd choice: Crossroads Foundation HK$3,267
Donation Issue Date: 02 OCT 2017

*We wish to thank John Ellis & Gone Running for contributing 50% of winning GreenRace Crown winnings to HelpHK.